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The FLORBÚ team is made up of people who feel that work, passion and quality are the recipe for success and for customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal and raison d’être. From the beginning, in 1948, we have been constantly renewing what we have to offer and keeping abreast of the needs on the market, in order to respond to them as a professional and dedicated team.

The past 70 years have proven that we are a company that knows how to keep its essence and origins, but that promotes and firmly believes in the diversification of its products, and adaptation to new trends. This is why innovation is one of the mainstays of our daily work, and it has guided us in the expansion to other markets, clients and ways of distributing our products.

Today, FLORBÚ continues to improve its position in Spain and abroad and has become a key player in the biscuit market. We are always dedicated and committed to the highest satisfaction of the most important person in the business – the consumer.