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At La Flor Burgalesa swe are aware of social actions and contributions that we can offer the community as a company. We aim to have an increasingly important role in the improvement of social welfare, so that the effects of our activity and initiatives are greater, both in quality and in quantity.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is based on three points


Activities to support and promote sporting events

e help by giving food to most of the sporting events that take place in Burgos and the province. We believe in sport and health as essential values that should be present in all levels of society, and we are committed to supporting all these events and contributing to their development.

Donations to food banks

As a food company we are aware that it is essential to help disadvantaged sectors of society in this sense. Once a month we donate around 500 kg of our products to food banks, and with these donations we hope to improve this situation as much as possible.

Environmental and quality care

Our commitment to social welfare also includes respecting and caring for the environment. In this sense, we use ovens and machinery with the lowest environmental impact that we can manage. In 2014 we invested 1.4 million euros in a new oven that carries out a more efficient and ecological production, and which generates a lower amount of manufacturing waste. As for quality, which is fundamental in our business, we ensure the highest levels and requirements, as our IFS Food certificate, which we achieved with a high rating, proves.