Passion and quality
are our recipe

At Florbú, we are proud to say that we are one of the oldest biscuit manufacturers in Spain. Founded in 1948, we remain a 100% family business, our origins stemming from the heart of the huge wheat fields of Castilla. The ongoing efforts of all the people forming part of this adventure, now and in the past, our firm commitment to quality, and the vision to continue improving our biscuits, have made Florbú one of the most modern and efficient factories in the biscuit sector, helping us reach a turnover in excess of 20 million Euros in 2020, with a presence in more than 30 countries around the world and more than 110 employees on our staff.

Loreto Pérez
Afrodisio Pérez
Our passion for biscuits dates back four generations from the current owners, back in the 1930s, when Afrodisio Pérez's father, founder of La Flor Burgalesa, ran a small grocery store where he made his own bread, Rosquillas (Spanish-style donuts) with an egg-yolk glaze, aniseed cake and his very first biscuits.
Loreto Pérez
Then came difficult times, the war and the post-war years, and Aphrodisio, his wife and his first-born child were forced to leave their hometown in search of a better future, moving to the city of Burgos in 1940 where he opened a bakery in which he also made sweet products and biscuits.
La Flor Burgalesa
Those were times of hunger, ration cards and quotas, with a limit on the amount of flour you were allowed to buy. With his entrepreneurial and restless spirit, and infinite desire to prosper, the search for more flour quotas bore fruit and he managed to take over new, larger premises, gaining access to a greater allocation of flour. That was back in 1948, the year in which La Flor Burgalesa was officially born.
The first name considered for the company was ‘La Castellana’. Consuelo, Aphrodisio's wife, wanted a name that made reference to their land; but it wasn’t to be because that name was already registered. Nevertheless, she did not give up in her efforts to find a name that would honour their roots and so it was established, that if it could not be Castilla, it would be Burgos. The company was registered in the Madrid official register as ‘La Flor Burgalesa’. In the end, Consuelo did get her way and named one of the biscuits ‘Castellana’, and today, it is one our most widely recognised and best-loved biscuits among consumers.
The first store
In 1955, we moved to the neighbourhood of San Pedro y San Felices; this was no longer a simple store, but more like an industrial warehouse, where we had a brick oven to make wafers, although everything was mostly done by hand. The first store of ‘La Flor Burgalesa’ ever to open to the public was also in these same facilities, premises to which Consuelo dedicated her entire life, always hard at work, and today we have five stores in Burgos.
A new generation
In 1982, the founding couple, Consuelo and Afrodisio, decided to retire and enjoy a well-deserved rest and left the management of the company in the hands of their eldest son; over the years the rest of the siblings joined the company, turning it into a true family business. In 1990, our growth led us to undertake the largest investment ever made up to that point, which was the purchase of the first continuous oven for biscuits.
Ya en 1990, el crecimiento nos llevó a acometer la mayor inversión hasta entonces realizada, que fue la compra del primer horno de galleta en continuo.
Our facilities
The key moment in the development of ‘La Flor Burgalesa’ was the transfer in 1997 to our current facilities in the Villalonquejar industrial estate. There, we had the space to continue investing in new oven lines for our biscuits. Thanks to our ability to adapt to new times, understand consumer food needs, and to the new approach of the new generations that had joined the company, we began to manufacture wholemeal and sugar-free products.
New Barquillo line
Once again we have made a great investment with the purchase and installation of the largest automatic oven in Spain to produce delicious waffles.
Thanks to our experience and growth, we have built a new ship with our own name Florbu'2, which allows us to continue growing.
Stuffed cookies
As part of the Flotbu'2 project, a new automatic line of cookies is started up. In which we incorporate new technology to manufacture cookies and filled cookies.
Project for the future
Living one of the most complicated situations in the world up to that moment, with the Covid '19, from Florbú and with our growth policy. We made the purchase of several plots of land next to our facilities, which will allow us to continue betting on future projects.
Chocolate bath
We are in the world of chocolate with the installation of a chocolate coating line. This will allow us to continue adapting to consumer demand for the exciting world of chocolate.

75 anniversary
In this 2023 we celebrate our 75th anniversary, we can only be proud of the work and effort of all the people who have been part of our company.

Our history

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Today, FLORBÚ continues to improve its positioning, both nationally and internationally, and to become a key player in the confectionery sector, always committed to health and to the maximum satisfaction of the consumer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Florbú, we are very aware of the benefits that we, as a business organisation, can contribute to the community as a whole. We aim to play an increasingly important role in improving social well-being, so that our activities and initiatives have a greater impact, both qualitatively and quantitatively

Our Corporate Social Responsibility revolves around three axes

We contribute donating food to the majority of sporting events that are held in Burgos and in the rest of the province. We believe in sport and health as essential values that must be present in every society and our commitment is to support all these initiatives and contribute to their adequate development. By way of example, we sponsor the San Pablo Basketball Club, which got promoted to the ACB League in 2017, and we also sponsor an athlete from Burgos, the runner Jimena Martín.

As a food product manufacturer, we understand that it is essential to help people who are less fortunate in respect of this basic need. Once a month, we donate around 500 kilogrammes of our products to the Burgos Food Bank, with which we aim, as far as possible, to improve the situation of this social group.

Our commitment to social well-being also involves respecting and preserving the environment, which is why we use ovens and machinery that produce the least environmental impact, to the best of our ability. In 2014, we invested 1.4 million Euros in a new oven that works in a more efficient and ecological manner and generates a lower volume of manufacturing waste. Regarding quality, an essential element of our manufacturing process, we guarantee the highest standards and requirements, as evidenced by our superior-level IFS Food Certification.

Innovating in products

At Florbú, we have been committed to innovation for more than 70 years. Every year we conceive and launch new products. New products represent more than 10% of our turnover.

We are leaders in the production of cream-filled wafers, in which we have innovated with new varieties including the “El Lobo” Turrón Wafer, the “Fortaleza” Coffee Wafer, the Stracciatella Wafer with pieces of real chocolate, the Hazelnut Wafer and the Intense Wafer, our cocoa wafer with a dark cocoa filling.

Innovation projects

Between 2019 and 2020 we carried out the project to control acrylamide in biscuits. The project was financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Governing Council of Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE), and we have managed to significantly reduce acrylamide levels in three products of our wholemeal line.

Through this project, based on promoting research, technological development and innovation, different strategies and ways of working of the production process have been analysed using a holistic approach.

This project had the collaboration of the Grain Technology Centre (CETECE) of Palencia. And also that of the University of Burgos (UBU), RV Consultores and Agrolab.

We have recently placed an application with the Governing Council of Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE), for the new NUTRISALUD project, which will be carried out between 2021 and 2022. This project involves a holistic analysis of the control and improvement of ingredients in biscuits. It will focus on analysing the ingredients that will enable us to make healthier products. Assess the impact of raw materials on the score awarded by the Nutri-Score system and define possible strategies to improve it.


Since the founding of ‘La Flor Burgalesa’ in 1948 we have been committed to Food Quality and Safety. We have made every effort to find the best ingredients to make the best biscuits and wafers.

As a result of this commitment, in 2014 we obtained the International Food Standard (IFS) Certification.

5 principles guide our work

Food Safety Culture

With the constant aim of generating processes and products at the highest level of Food Safety, with a Team dedicated to maintaining this safety.

Customer focus

Since our creation, we have been committed to customer satisfaction, this being a guarantee of prosperity and development.

High Quality Supply

With the maximum guarantees from the origin in the monitoring and approval of our suppliers.

Ongoing training and improvement

To achieve our goals and new challenges.

Effective Quality System Management

Complying with the most demanding standards in HACCP with IFS Certification, and in Organic Production.


Our internationalisation programme, always in constant evolution and in search of new foreign markets, means that today we are present in four of the five continents




South America