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Our typical wafers… fresh, light and crispy! These fine oven-baked wafers are combined with different cream fillings so you can choose the one you prefer.

A great snack, any time of the day!

Package 250 g.

Crunchy and tasty!

Package 280g

A very handy pack with two intense flavours to chose: vanilla or coconut.

Package 300g

Get them for only 1€!.

Package 400g

Bigger packs to last more time, both vanilla or coconut flavours.

Package 400 gr.

A mix of our best wafers is in this bag, from our most traditional ones to the most innovative! Moreover, in the easiest way to eat them: it contains ten individual packs.

Package 39g

The most convenient small packs to carry and which fit everywhere.

In bulk

Large quantities of our coconut wafer wrapped.